Defined Glutes

Onnafit is a revolutionary Aesthetic Electrostimulation System specifically designed for professionals seeking to offer their clients an effective solution for achieving defined glutes.

By utilizing advanced electrostimulation technology, Onnafit provides a precise and customizable method for toning and strengthening the glute muscles, delivering visible and lasting results.

With its innovative approach, Onnafit positions itself as an indispensable tool in the arsenal of aesthetic experts, offering an efficient and convenient solution for sculpting the desired figure.

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Onnafit, along with its essential complement, the Dansei electrode pants, offers a powerful combination to achieve optimal definition and strengthening of the glutes. This innovative aesthetic electrostimulation system stands out for its numerous benefits that go beyond traditional methods of body remodeling.

Onnafit Advantages

Defined Glutes

Onnafit provides precise and controlled stimulation of the glute muscles through electrostimulation technology. The electrodes integrated into the Dansei pants emit electrical impulses that effectively activate muscle fibers, promoting contraction and strengthening of the glutes in a more efficient manner.

Furthermore, Onnafit allows for complete customization of intensity during treatment, enabling sessions to be tailored to the individual needs and capabilities of each client. This ensures that the optimal level of intensity can be achieved for effective and visible results quickly.

Another key benefit of Onnafit and its EMS Dansei pants is their convenience and ease of use. The Dansei electrode pants comfortably conform to your clients’ bodies, allowing for treatment to be performed anytime and anywhere, without the need for bulky or complicated equipment. This makes it ideal for use both at home and in professional settings, such as your aesthetic cabin.

Additionally, the combination of Onnafit and Dansei offers visible results in less time. Your clients can experience a noticeable improvement in glute definition and muscle tone after just a few sessions.

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