Advantages of using Onnafit with your clients

The perfect solution to achieve your clients’ objectives and enhance your services as an Aesthetic Center.

The Onnafit EMS Sculpt System is the latest in Body Sculpt Technology for your clients

Why Onnafit technology works?

EMS accelerates the metabolism during the treatment, which promotes oxidation or “burning” of these fatty acids.

This effect can be seen accentuated for 48-72 hours. In addition, by contracting the muscles, more calories will be burned, and it will improve the muscle tone and the appearance of the skin and figure.

An added effect of Electrostimulation is improving collagen production and quality, another important factor in the care of the skin and other tissues.

Electrostimulation also improves blood flow. As a result, the accumulated liquids are drained and expelled. To this, we must add the feeling of well-being and relaxation. Ideal for eliminating stress.

This way, we can exercise and tone our figure while reshaping our body.

The Onnafit EMS Sculpt system is designed to simultaneously work up to 10 muscle groups: lower back, gluteus, abductors, hamstrings, abdominals, obliques, quadriceps, calves, biceps and triceps.

In addition, thanks to its targeted work, tissue technology, and special programs, with Onnafit, your clients can tone and reshape their figure in the same session.

Onnafit Features

Visible results

Onnafit effectively achieves the following objectives: eliminate cellulite, reshape the abs, strong buttocks, loss of localized fat (such as the abdomen), smooth and firm skin, etc.

Non-invasive treatment

The EMS Sculpt system evolves with the objectives and needs of your clients. You will be able to calibrate the intensity and frequency at each session and take the treatment further.

Quality and comfort

Onnafit is an ergonomic, portable, easy to use, and wireless technology. It does not take up space, and your clients will be able to enjoy other aesthetic services while undergoing treatment with the EMS Sculpt system.

Other health improvements

It improves the production and quality of collagen, an important factor in the care of the skin and other tissues, providing a smoother, firmer, and more flexible skin, and thus preventing the effects of aging. It also improves hygiene and sleeps quality, as EMS helps to eliminate tension and relieve stress.

Onnafit EMS Body Sculpting has a wide variety of treatments adaptable to any objective, person and morphology.

Fast metabolism

EMS promotes a high level of metabolic activity during and after the session. Electrostimulation also helps to work in a focused way, such abs, glutes, and thighs.

Tighten your body

The Onnafit EMS Sculpt System produces muscle contractions that penetrate the deepest muscle fibers; which favors reshaping the body with visible results.

Defined glutes

One of the areas that we want to show off the most, and that thanks to Onnafit we can work effectively. Our system is prepared to visibly define the glutes and strengthen them effectively.

Trim your waistline

Onnafit tones, defines and reshapes the figure effectively and visibly and, thanks to the location of the electrodes and conductive tissue, favoring a visible waist reduction.

Fluid retention

Onnafit is a very effective treatment for the flexibility and elasticity of the skin. It works on fat cells, making them oxygenate and increasing the capacity for drainage of liquids and fats.

Reduce cellulite

EMS helps reduce cellulite by improving circulation, eliminating toxins and promoting the creation of collagen. This method is also used to reduce varicose veins.

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