Shipping and Logistics Conditions.

Onnafit ships all products securely in special transport packaging.

Delivery times

As long as the product is available in stock, the order will be prepared for shipment the same day the payment is received and may take up to 3 days to ship. If for reasons beyond our control it is not possible to process your order in less than 72 hours, we will contact you.

* Onnafit does not guarantee delivery times from the collection of the order by the transport company.

  • An order will be considered delivered when the delivery note is signed by the customer.
  • The customer will have 48 hours from receipt of the order to verify the integrity of all items. After these 48 hours, the shipment will be considered accepted and claims for damages or failures will not be accepted.
  • The risk of loss or damage to the equipment passes to the customer at the time it leaves the manufacturer’s premises. In the unusual situation of receiving a shipment damaged by transport, the transport company should be claimed first.
  • Subsequently, you must contact us through, indicating the order number and the problem you are experiencing.
EU and International shipping

In all shipments it is necessary to include the customer’s phone number and email in the data. This will facilitate delivery:

European Union

Shipping in approximately 72 hours as long as there is availability in stock.

* Shipments within the EU will not require a Customs declaration.


Shipping in approximately 72 hours as long as there is availability in stock. Exports require a commercial invoice*.

* If the package is not completed correctly, it could be delayed due to customs issues.

* International shipments outside the European Union may require customs procedures that delay the delivery of the shipment. The Customs Agencies do not depend on the transport agency, so Onnafit and the contracted transport company are not responsible for delays caused by the requirements of the Customs of each country.

Logistics Delay

Out of stock
If we cannot proceed with the shipment due to stock problems, the commercial department will be informed to inform the client of the estimated delivery times for the unavailable product.

Package delay
In the event that the transport agency has any incorrect shipping address or contact telephone number of the recipient, please contact the local transport agency directly to expedite the arrival of the same.

Packet loss
If the transport company loses the package, Onnafit will claim the lost package from the transport company and send another to the customer as soon as possible.

* It is the responsibility of the contracted transport agency; except for transactions made in the United States, which will be governed in accordance with the laws of Wyoming.

Incomplete order

If the client claims that the order has not arrived in its entirety, Onnafit will open a file to carry out the appropriate checks and the product/s that have not arrived will be sent to the client.

* Onnafit will be responsible for the expenses derived from this operation.

If Onnafit does not receive any communication 48 hours after receipt of the order by the client, it will be understood that the order has been received in its entirety and in optimal conditions.

Price and payment conditions
  • The price of the equipment will be established in the invoices and budgets and do not include transport, customs, VAT, or any other type of tax, rate or expense, unless the parties expressly agree otherwise in writing.
  • The client must pay any invoice in the terms agreed with Onnafit. The lack of payment or the delay in the same implies a breach of the agreement between the parties, so Onnafit may take the appropriate measures to execute a formal claim.
Property retention

Ownership of the equipment is transferred to the customer once the customer has paid Onnafit the entire price of the order. Meanwhile, Onnafit will retain full ownership of the teams.

In the event that the customer breaches these conditions, including non-payment, Onnafit shall be entitled to take possession of the equipment.

The customer has the obligation to use the equipment with due care, following the guidelines established in the equipment’s instruction manual; and to immediately inform, or your usual salesperson, if the equipment presents any irregularity in its use.

Applicacle law

All transactions or claims will be governed in accordance with the laws of Spain, including the legal relationship.

Limitation of Liability

All liability, condition, warranty and/or declaration implicit in the law are excluded to the maximum extent permitted by law.

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