Warranty Terms and Conditions

The following points that we will describe below correspond to the guarantee offered by Onnafit. Onnafit is not responsible for the additional guarantees that the distributor has offered to the customer.

Having said this, Onnafit guarantees the correct operation of the equipment from the date of purchase and establishes the following conditions for after-sales service, guarantee and technical service:

  • Onnafit wireless device has a 2-year warranty.
  • The cables are guaranteed for 6 months.
  • Textile garments, such as the shared-used Dansei by Onnafit professional pants, are considered consumables, so they have a 6-month warranty and this does not cover damage or wear due to use.
  • Sprayers and other consumables are guaranteed for 3 months.
  • Products not manufactured by Wiemspro/Onnafit are covered by the manufacturer of such product and not by Wiemspro/Onnafit; as is the case with the iPad.

The guarantee does not cover economic losses for the time that the equipment is under repair.

Improper use of equipment

Any failure caused by misuse by the client, or by possible accidents, blows, improper handling or negligent and inappropriate use of the equipment, disregarding the recommendations described in the material use manual, will not be covered by the guarantee.

That being said, the Onnafit system loses all warranty when it has been subjected to:

  • Improper or excessive use of equipment.
  • If it has received blows or damage.
  • If it has suffered any technical manipulation by an unauthorized agent, or technical service that is not the official manufacturer, in this case Onnafit.
  • If it has been subjected to an electrical connection that does not comply with the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • If it has been subjected to extreme conditions that may include fire, water or any other type of alterations that may spoil the proper functioning of the equipment.
Procedures and warranty protocol

The periods between receipt of the equipment, diagnosis and repair or replacement of the same can be extended up to one month (especially if any of the damaged components suffers out of stock).

The protocol or steps to request the guarantee is as follows:

  • Opening of a ticket to Onnafit technical service through an email info@onnafit.com
  • Support department will assess the incident and provide online technical assistance if possible. In the event that the damage was physical (as long as the equipment has not suffered the damage described above), the next step will be to send the material to Onnafit’s headquarters.
  • The distributor or customer will send the equipment so that Onnafit’s technical support can identify the fault and proceed to the repair or total replacement of the component.
How to send the equipment for repair. Obligation of the client/distributor

Due to the legislative incorporation in consideration of COVID-19, to guarantee quality work in customer service and support and in order to protect our workers, the client or distributor has the obligation to send the equipment to be repaired in acceptable conditions in terms of hygiene and sanitation in any exposure scenario:

  • The pant must be received in perfect cleaning conditions (hand wash, dry and without bad odors).
  • If the pant is not received in these conditions (dirty), the customer has the option of picking up the suit, washing it and sending it back clean to Onnafit for repair.
  • Onnafit can offer the laundry service at a cost of €30, which would imply a delay of 5 days in the estimated repair times.
Applicable law

All transactions or claims will be governed in accordance with the laws of Spain, including the legal relationship.

Limitation of Liability

All liability, condition, warranty and/or declaration implicit in the law are excluded to the maximum extent permitted by laHeadquarters

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