Update your Beauty Center Body Sculpting Portfolio

In search of a transformative addition to your medspa?

Discover Onnafit Body Sculpt EMS— a seamless blend of FDA-certified science, wireless innovation, and unparalleled design for your Beauty Center.

Visible results in as little as 45 minutes.

What is Onnafit Body Sculpt EMS?

It's more than a device; it's an ecosystem

Say hello to Onnafit Body Sculpt EMS. A wireless wonder that syncs effortlessly with its dedicated iOS app.

Packaged with a smart bioelectric suit and a small portable stimulator, it’s the compact, yet powerful solution you’ve been waiting for.

Not just efficient, it’s a game-changer in how you run your business.

How It Works

Electrify your medspa’s offerings

Onnafit provokes over 200,000 muscle contractions in 45 minutes, simultaneously working 10 vital muscle areas from abs to calves.

Our system is the only one that packs a total of 20 electrodes, with 4 of them strategically placed on the gluteal area, targeting both upper and lower glutes.

It is also compatible with other menu options like Coolsculpting and radiofrequency.

And with real-time adjustments via our iOS app, you’re not just providing a service; you’re offering a tailored experience.

All this while giving your staff the freedom to multitask. With a patient attendance time of just 7-17 minutes per treatment, your staff can manage other tasks and attend more patients, setting the stage for exponential revenue growth.

"Stackable" with other Treatments

The Benefits: Yours and Theirs

Revenue, Exponential

Rapid ROI, upsell potential up to $6,000 per client.

Precision, Redefined

125 mA per channel, highest intensity in the market.

Synergy, Unlocked

Compatible with Coolsculpting, laser, radiofrequency, etc.

Efficiency, Amplified

Minimize chair time; maximize multitasking.

Experience, Customized

Individualize each treatment via the Onnafit App and adjustable electrode placement.

Progress, Tracked

Client profiles, to pick up where you left off on each session.

Onnafit Unboxing

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Convenience, Built-in: No wires. No bulk. No hassle

Ready to Revolutionize Your Medspa?

Onnafit isn't just a treatment. It's an experience. It's a strategy

A business-savvy choice for those who settle for nothing less than exceptional.

Contact us for an exclusive introductory offer.

We’re not just selling a product; we’re offering a partnership.

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