EMS App (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) Control for Body Remodeling

Enhance your Body Remodeling services and provide your clients with Visible and Customized Results.

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The EMS Body Sculpting Solution

Onnafit has an app or EMS software that controls all the parameters of the Body Remodeling treatment. Before starting the treatment, you can configure the intensity and frequency of the EMS electrical wave. In addition, the app automatically stores all information related to the user and the session, and you can access the metrics and results of each client.

Onnafit exclusively carries out all its technological development in Europe and Spain, ensuring the quality and uniqueness of our products. Our brand is distinguished by the dedication and innovation we put into every phase of the process, ensuring the excellence of our technological products.

Features of the Onnafit EMS App

Precise control

Onnafit allows you to have full control over the frequency and intensity of the electrical wave with utmost precision.

Diverse treatments:

Your clients can enjoy a variety of preset programs, such as fluid drainage, reshaping and toning, and fat loss.


Onnafit is hands-free, making it a 100% compatible body remodeling technology with other aesthetic treatments.

Optimization improvement

Reduce preparation and learning time. We have improved setup and training time by 90%.

App for iPhone and iPad

Onnafit programs are also designed to analyze your clients' results and achieve visible outcomes.


It is a versatile and convenient tool for aesthetic professionals and users looking to enhance their physical appearance visibly.

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