EMS Device, a small tool for big solutions

Our EMS Device merges the most advanced technology with an unwavering commitment to the quality, safety, and reliability that your customers deserve.

What is the EMS Device?

Experience the revolution in wireless technology with Onnafit’s multi-generator EMS device. Designed to generate electrical impulses precisely and safely, this advanced system optimizes wave production with outstanding performance and minimal energy consumption. Discover maximum efficiency in aesthetic treatments with our innovative equipment.

Explore the excellence of our products and technological system, exclusively crafted in Spain and Europe for our brand. We take pride in meeting the highest standards of quality and safety certification worldwide.

EMS Device Features


Comfort: Designed to provide a more comfortable and liberating experience during your treatments at our aesthetic center.

Easy charge

Mini USB connector for recharging the wireless EMS device and optimizing the durability of your Onnafit system.

Bluetooth 4.0

Make the most of your treatments. Created to offer your clients maximum comfort, this system also considers your freedom as an aesthetic professional.

Lion-ion Battery

Maximum performance throughout the treatment cycle, up to 8 hours of uninterrupted work.

Max Wave Performance

Discover an unparalleled experience by meticulously adjusting each wave parameter and customizing each treatment without limits.

Auto link

Automatic linking between device and application. Turn on your wireless EMS device and start treatments with your clients.

Onnafit Body Sculpting’s wireless EMS device is small, lightweight, and compact, allowing you to comfortably transport it anywhere without plugs or cables.

Start working with Onnafit's
EMS Device

Discover the cutting edge in body transformation with our innovative electrostimulation treatments: Onnafit EMS Body Sculpt. Designed for women and men who want to sculpt their figure without resorting to surgery, our method uses the most advanced Aesthetic Electrostimulation technology to elevate physical conditioning to exceptional levels. Experience the revolution in body remodeling with us.