5 Tricks To Have A Flat Stomach And Defined Belly

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In the search for how to have a flat stomach, aesthetic electrostimulation for body remodeling and figure shaping has become a popular tool, especially for toning the belly. Below we present 5 effective tips to achieve a flat stomach combining with the latest in Onnafit aesthetic electrostimulation.

5 Tips to get a flat stomach

There are no miraculous tricks to achieve a flat stomach, but it can be achieved quickly, effectively and visibly if you follow all these tips combined with each other.

1. Regular cardiovascular exercise

Cardiovascular exercise is one of the most effective tools for burning calories and reducing overall body fat, including belly fat. Activities such as running, swimming or cycling not only improve cardiovascular health, but also speed up metabolism and promote weight loss.

To maximize the benefits of cardiovascular exercise, it is recommended:

  • Frequency: Aim for at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise most days of the week. This adds up to a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity per week, according to public health guidelines.
  • Variety: Incorporate different types of cardiovascular exercises to keep the routine interesting and work different muscle groups. Alternating between running, swimming, and cycling can help prevent boredom and reduce the risk of injury.
  • Intensity: Varies the intensity. Includes high-intensity sessions interspersed with days of more moderate activity to maximize calorie burn and improve cardiovascular fitness.

2. Specific abdominal exercises

Performing specific exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles is crucial to toning the area and improving the appearance of the midsection of the body. Although abdominal exercises do not burn localized fat, they are essential for developing strong and defined muscles that can contribute to a slimmer and firmer waist:

  • Crunches: Crunches are one of the most common and effective abdominal exercises to strengthen the rectus abdominis muscles. Make sure you perform this exercise with proper technique to maximize the benefits and avoid injury. Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor.
  • Planks: Planks are excellent for working the entire core, including the transverse abdominal muscles and the lower back muscles. This exercise also improves endurance and stability.
  • Obliques: Working the obliques is essential to define the sides of the abdomen and achieve a more sculpted waist. Exercises like Russian twists and oblique crunches are especially effective.

3. Maintain a balanced diet

Eating a balanced diet and maintaining a balanced diet is crucial to reducing abdominal fat and improving overall health. Proper eating habits not only help in weight control but also provide the nutrients necessary for optimal functioning of the body.

Prioritize high- fiber foods, such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, along with lean proteins. Avoid processed foods rich in saturated fats and added sugars to prevent abdominal fat gain. With a balanced diet you can not only achieve your fat loss goals, but also maintain optimal health and general well-being.

4. Drink enough water

Keeping the body hydrated is essential for overall health and can play a key role in reducing abdominal bloating. Water is not only vital for the proper functioning of the body, but it can also contribute to a slimmer, healthier appearance of the abdomen.

Drinking enough water ensures proper functioning of the body, reduces fluid retention and improves digestion. Aim to consume at least 8 glasses of water a day and avoid sugary and carbonated drinks to prevent inflammation and promote a flatter, healthier abdominal appearance. With adequate hydration and you will feel better.

5. Reduce stress

Chronic stress can contribute to weight gain and abdominal fat. Practice techniques stress management, such as meditation, yoga, or simply taking time to relax and do activities you enjoy. Good rest is also essential to reduce levels of cortisol, the stress hormone that may be related to increased abdominal fat.

How to get a flat stomach with aesthetic electrostimulation from Onnafit

How to get a flat stomach with aesthetic electrostimulation from Onnafit

Aesthetic electrostimulation is an innovative technique that uses electrical impulses to induce involuntary muscle contractions. These impulses mimic the signals that the nervous system sends to the muscles during physical exercise. By applying these impulses through electrodes strategically placed on the skin, it is possible to activate and work the muscles without the need to make voluntary movements and thus achieve a flat stomach.

This method, also known as EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation), has been used for years in physical rehabilitation and sports training, but has recently gained popularity in the field of body aesthetics. The reason for its increasing adoption is its ability to strengthen and tone muscles efficiently, making it an attractive tool for those looking to improve their physical appearance and shape their figure without spending long hours in the gym.

Benefits of Onnafit aesthetic electrostimulation for a flat stomach

Electrostimulation offers several specific benefits for the abdominal area, becoming a valuable tool for those seeking a flat stomach.

  • Improved muscle tone: One of the most notable benefits of electrostimulation is the improvement of muscle tone. The contractions induced by electrical impulses help strengthen and define the abdominal muscles, increasing their firmness and definition. After several sessions, we will achieve a more toned and defined flat stomach.
  • Fat reduction: Onnafit electrostimulation, together with a diet rich in proteins and essential nutrients, can be an effective complement for reducing abdominal fat. By strengthening, toning and defining your belly muscles, you improve the overall appearance of your abdomen. In addition, Onnafit electrostimulation is a powerful treatment in the fat oxidation process and metabolism accelerator.
  • Rehabilitation and injury prevention: Another important advantage of electrostimulation is its use in rehabilitation and injury prevention. Helps strengthen abdominal muscles without putting them under stress with high-intensity exercises. This is particularly useful for people who are recovering from an injury, such as after liposuction, or who have physical limitations that prevent them from performing traditional exercises.
  • Convenience and accessibility: Electrostimulation is a convenient and accessible option. Onnafit electrostimulation devices are portable, compact, do not take up space and easy to use, allowing beauty center professionals to incorporate them into their services or treatments without the need for bulky equipment and body appliances. This also makes it an attractive option as a complement to other treatments, since electrostimulation can be applied simultaneously with other aesthetic treatments such as cryolipolysis, radiofrequency, ultrasound or low level laser, for example.

Which Onnafit treatments are most efficient to achieve a flat stomach?

Power Sculpt

With the treatment Power Sculpt can provide your clients with a series of aesthetic and wellness benefits that go beyond simple traditional exercise. This advanced technique offers a firmer, more sculpted physical appearance, especially focusing on problem areas such as the abdomen, buttocks and legs.

As you already know, electrostimulation is highly effective in toning, defining and strengthening muscles, resulting in a firmer, more sculpted appearance for specific areas such as:

  • Abdomen: Electrical impulses induce deep muscle contractions that help define and tone the abdominal muscles, creating a flatter and more marked belly.
  • Glutes: Improves firmness and buttock lift, providing a more rounded and toned appearance.
  • Legs: Helps sculpt and strengthen leg muscles, improving muscle definition and overall firmness.

Power Muscle

Power Muscle offers a superior toning experience, designed to define the body and provide visible firmness and a significant reduction in sagging. This advanced method uses electrostimulation technology to maximize results in less time, offering multiple benefits for health and physical appearance.

Power Muscle focuses on deep muscle activation, resulting in noticeable body definition. Electrostimulation technology induces intense muscle contractions, helping to effectively sculpt and tone the body. Benefits include:

  • Defined body: Power Muscle sessions work multiple muscle groups simultaneously, achieving more defined muscle contour and definition.
  • Noticeable firmness: By activating the muscles at a deep level, Power Muscle provides significant firmness, reducing sagging and improving the overall appearance of the skin and underlying tissues.

Contour Shape

The treatment Contour Shape stands out for its ability to actively sculpt the figure, obtaining defined and toned curves effectively. This innovative approach is specially designed for body shaping, providing remarkable results in the search for a more sculpted and attractive silhouette.

Contour Shape uses advanced technologies that work deeply to shape and define the body’s curves. Through the combination of electrostimulation techniques and other body shaping methods, this treatment offers:

  • Defined curves: The technologies used in Contour Shape are designed to target specific areas of the body, improving the definition of natural curves and providing a more sculpted and harmonious shape.
  • Effective toning: In addition to sculpting, the treatment tones the muscles, improving their firmness and reducing sagging for a more youthful and attractive appearance.
flat stomach


In short, achieving a flat stomach quickly and effectively is possible thanks to the technological advances provided by Onnafit’s aesthetic electrostimulation. Furthermore, if you maintain a balanced diet, rest, drink enough water and have an active lifestyle, you will multiply the results exponentially!

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