Experience the Revolution with Burn Sculpt

Boost metabolism and efficiently sculpt the body.

Discover the fat oxidation revolution with the Burn Sculpt treatment, a method that rapidly and effectively stimulates weight loss by accelerating your clients’ metabolism.

Burn Sculpt provides your clients with benefits to intensely activate muscles, firm and define the figure, and promote fat oxidation and metabolism acceleration.

Increase Basal Metabolism

This program stimulates muscle definition by enhancing muscle activation, promoting the increase of energy sources.

Metabolic Acceleration

Supramaximal recruitment of 100% of muscle fibers, thus generating an exponential increase in energy reserve expenditure.

Cellulite Reduction

The Burn Sculpt treatment also helps improve circulation and reduce the appearance of cellulite, providing smoother and firmer skin.

Deep Muscle Toning

This program intensively activates muscles, toning and sculpting the figure to achieve a more defined and attractive appearance for your clients.

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