5 Reasons Why You Should Become An Onnafit Aesthetic Electrostimulation Distributor

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5 Reasons Why You Should Become An Onnafit Aesthetic Electrostimulation Distributor

Being an aesthetic electrostimulation distributor like Onnafit offers you many advantages as an investor, distributor and aesthetic professional, but it also offers visible advantages for clients of aesthetic centers.

The aesthetic electrostimulation business as a non-invasive Body Sculpting treatment is highly profitable and is currently in great demand both by clients who are looking for a visible solution to their aesthetic and health problems; as well as for professionals, who are looking for an aesthetic appliance with all the certifications and MDR law, that is profitable and that increases the average ticket of their business.

Our Onnafit system not only adapts to all types of profiles, successfully fulfilling different objectives; It is also a cutting-edge technology whose competitive advantage over other similar technologies and brands are:

  • First, it is compatible with other aesthetic technologies such as radiofrequency, cryolipolysis, low level laser, or ultrasound.
  • And second, it has all the world certifications, and complies with the MDR regulations or law.

Find out everything you need to know about Onnafit, and the benefits of being a distributor of aesthetic electrostimulation!

What is aesthetic electrostimulation?

Aesthetic electrostimulation is a technology that uses low and medium frequency electrical impulses to stimulate muscles with the aim of toning, strengthening and reshaping the figure. This treatment has become popular in aesthetics due to its benefits and visible results.

During the aesthetic electrostimulation session, we work in a special suit with strategically placed electrodes that emit controlled electrical impulses to the muscles, favoring deep muscle contraction.

Benefits of aesthetic electrostimulation

These impulses favor various aesthetic aspects of the body of our clients, such as the following:

  • Improves strength and muscle tone which improves the treatment against aesthetic cellulite and the firmness of the skin in general.
  • Preserves muscle mass during hypocaloric diets.
  • Increases the expression of antiaging factors, such as vitamin D, testosterone and Klotho protein.
  • Improves collagen synthesis.
  • Improves the glycemic profile acutely and chronically. This, in addition to having a positive impact on health, has favorable aesthetic repercussions.
  • Increases energy expenditure during and after treatment, enhancing the results of other complementary treatments.
  • Activation of the stabilizing muscles of the lumbopelvic region, which helps to improve muscle tone and volume change.
  • Improves blood flow and venous return, improving oxygenation and nutrient supply in the cutaneous and subcutaneous tissues.
  • Reduces leg discomfort related to inactivity and circulatory problems.
  • Positive effects in reducing non-specific low back pain and back pain.
  • Improves the ability to walk and reduces the feeling of heavy legs.

During the treatment, EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) manages to accelerate metabolism, which promotes oxidation or “burning” of these fatty acids. This effect can be accentuated for 48-72 hours. In addition, by contracting the muscles, not only will more calories be burned, but muscle tone and the appearance of the skin and figure will be improved.

An added effect is the improvement of collagen production and quality, another important factor in the care of the skin and other tissues.

5 Advantages of being a distributor of Onnafit aesthetic electrostimulation

Onnafit Aesthetic Electrostimulation System

Onnafit is an aesthetic Body Sculpting electrostimulation solution. Our system offers a visible solution to tone and sculpt the body of your clients, allowing them to achieve their aesthetic goals quickly and effectively.

With Onnafit, your clients will be able to tone up and lose weight simultaneously. This device has all product and safety certifications and is the latest in advanced WB-EMS technology.

The treatment consists of the following: we emit controlled and precise electrical impulses directed at specific muscles that you want to work on. With this system we can create intense, deep, controllable and painless muscle contractions.

Onnafit adapts perfectly to the main muscular areas of the body that most often concern customers, such as: abdomen, obliques, upper and lower glutes, quadriceps, adductors, hamstrings, biceps, triceps, lower back and extras such as calves to treat varicose veins.

In addition, thanks to our free software, you will be able to personalize and program the treatment, which makes it a hands-free technology. In this way you will be able to offer personalized sessions to each need and objective of your clients; but you will also find pre-designed programs for different aesthetic objectives, and with different intensities or levels, whether to tone, define or lose weight.

Comfort and flexibility

Onnafit technology is wireless, ergonomic and does not take up space, so the aesthetic professional can carry out treatments inside and outside the center (home service); and it is an easy-to-use and safe system that does not require a certificate from a technician or manipulation.

Onnafit adapts to different fitness levels and gives you the opportunity to offer your clients visible results in a short time.

5 Reasons Why You Should Become An Onnafit Aesthetic Electrostimulation Distributor

5 Advantages of being a electrostimulation distributor of Onnafit aesthetic

Being an aesthetic electrostimulation distributor gives you the opportunity to take advantage of these exclusive benefits and develop a successful business in a field that is constantly growing and increasingly in demand. Here we present 5 reasons why you should become an Onnafit aesthetic electrostimulation distributor:

Economic advantage

As a distributor of aesthetic electrostimulation, you will have access to exclusive prices and discounts at Onnafit. This will allow you to obtain a clear economic advantage from our system at competitive prices, thus maximizing your profit margins and offering attractive offers to your customers.

After-sales service and Activation Plan

As an Onnafit distributor you will receive a high-value post-sale service, and we will give you all the necessary tools to start your business: from the business plan, an exclusive distributor site for you, recruitment marketing tools for you and your clients, graphic resources and extensive audiovisual material, as well as other pills such as ebooks, manuals, dossiers, video tutorials, scientific articles and much more.

With all these tools we will help you fully understand our technology and maximize your sales; We will also train you on:

  • Fundamentals of aesthetic electrostimulation: We will provide you with a solid knowledge base on the principles and fundamentals of aesthetic electrostimulation.
  • Correct use of the equipment: Video tutorials and didactic content on how to correctly use the Onnafit aesthetic electrostimulation system.
  • Treatment protocols: We will provide you with specific treatment protocols for different areas of the body, aesthetic goals, and client profiles.
  • Safety and precautions: Safety is a priority in any aesthetic treatment. We will provide you with this detailed information on the necessary precautions, contraindications and how to avoid risks or adverse effects during treatment sessions.
  • Evaluation and monitoring of results: You will learn to evaluate and monitor the results of your clients. We will teach you to use measurement and evaluation tools to determine the effectiveness of treatments and adjust them as necessary.

Our goal is that as a distributor, your clients are prepared to offer high quality treatments and professional advice to their clients.

W-Commerce Training

In the digital age, e-commerce skills are essential. As a distributor we will provide you with W-Commerce training to help you set up and run your business. You’ll learn about logistics and order management strategies, so you can expand your reach and serve customers around the world.

Marketing 360 for you and your clients

The success of your business as a distributor depends largely on your marketing skills. We offer you a comprehensive marketing approach that covers different channels and strategies, both offline and online. We will provide you with high-quality marketing skills, advertising strategies, and support in creating promotional campaigns.

Sales management tools

Efficient sales management is key to the success of your business as a distributor. We’ll provide you with tools and resources to make it easier to manage your sales, such as order tracking systems, sales analytics tools, and customer service support. These tools will help you optimize your sales processes and provide excellent service to your customers; We will also provide you with commercial advice on how to promote and sell our products.

Benefits for professionals

By using Onnafit in your aesthetic business you will be able to enjoy a series of benefits that make it highly profitable and efficient. These are some of the benefits:

  • EMS Wireless Technology: Onnafit uses wireless Muscular Electrostimulation technology, which provides greater comfort for both the client and the professional. This eliminates the need for cumbersome cables and allows for greater freedom during treatment.
  • International quality and safety certifications: It has international quality and safety certifications, which guarantees that our products meet the highest quality and safety standards. This gives both professionals and clients peace of mind, ensuring that they are using a secure, compliant device.
  • Complies with the latest MDR Law: Complies with the latest Medical Device Law (MDR), ensuring its compliance with the latest regulations and standards in the field of aesthetics.
  • Ergonomic and compact: Onnafit devices are perfect for aesthetic spaces or booths of any size. They do not take up space and can be easily integrated into your work environment.
  • Handsfree (no technician dependent): This means that a technician is not required during the entire treatment process. Once properly configured, it allows the professional to serve other clients simultaneously.
  • Combinable with other aesthetic treatments: It can be easily combined with other aesthetic treatments in your business. This gives you the opportunity to create personalized treatment packages and offer your clients a comprehensive experience that addresses different aesthetic needs.
  • Simultaneous Treatments on Up to 10 Muscle Groups: Allows for simultaneous treatments on up to 10 muscle groups, maximizing treatment time efficiency.

In summary, using Onnafit in medical aesthetic businesses provides the professional with a series of benefits that range from comfort and efficiency, to safety and compliance with regulations.

Benefits for clients

Onnafit brings a series of benefits to customers, both aesthetic and health. Some of the aesthetic benefits that can be obtained by using Onnafit include:

  • Muscle toning: Uses muscle electrostimulation (EMS) technology to stimulate and activate the muscles of the body. This helps tone and strengthen muscles, improving physical appearance and muscle definition.
  • Cellulite Reduction: Muscle electrostimulation can help reduce the appearance of cellulite by improving blood and lymphatic circulation, stimulating lymphatic drainage, and toning the skin and connective tissues.
  • Body Contouring: It can help sculpt and shape the body by targeting specific areas where more definition or fat reduction is desired. This allows for a more stylized and balanced silhouette.
  • Improving the appearance of the skin: The muscle stimulation provided by Onnafit can improve the overall appearance of the skin by increasing circulation and oxygen flow to the tissues. This can help achieve firmer, smoother, more radiant skin.
  • Speeds up metabolism: Muscle electrostimulation can help speed up metabolism, which contributes to more efficient calorie burning.
  • Muscle recovery: Onnafit can also help with muscle recovery after injury. Muscle stimulation can help reduce muscle fatigue, relieve tension, and speed muscle recovery.
  • General well-being: In addition to the direct aesthetic benefits, the use of Onnafit can contribute to general well-being, such as relieving stress or improving sleep hygiene. The muscular activity it produces releases endorphins and promotes a sense of well-being, reduces stress and improves mood.

It is important to note that the results may vary according to each individual and consistency. In addition, to obtain the best aesthetic results, it is recommended to combine the use of Onnafit with a healthy diet and an active lifestyle.


In conclusion, Onnafit provides advanced muscle electrostimulation technology that allows you to visibly tone and sculpt your body. Becoming a distributor of Onnafit aesthetic electrostimulation offers a series of benefits both for you as a distributor, as well as for professionals and their respective clients.

In summary, Onnafit is presented as an effective and profitable solution for professionals in the aesthetic sector, providing benefits both economically and in terms of results for clients. Find out now!

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