Electrostimulation And The Aesthetic Sector: The Perfect Combination For Your Business

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Electrostimulation And The Aesthetic Sector

It is scientifically proven: electrostimulation or electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) is beneficial for achieving positive and more than flattering aesthetic results. These include cellulite removal, toning of the glutes, shaping of the abdomen, elimination of flaccidity in the arms, and fat loss, among others. Consequently, it has become a very important element for today’s aesthetic sector.

This is so for two reasons: firstly, it allows you to leave customers more satisfied and better served; secondly, it expands the range of services available and the profitability of the business. Would you like to know more?

Fast and visible results in your Aesthetic Sector

One of the advantages that Onnafit offers to your beauty center customers, is that the results can be seen from the first session and last over time, because they are long-lasting.

As a result, clients are highly motivated to continue with each treatment. After four or six sessions, moreover, noticeable and lasting effects have been achieved. In the case of cellulite, for example, we can work on specific and localized areas of the body thanks to the Dansei by Onnafit electrostimulation pants, and we can reduce fat by around 20 % in the most difficult areas, acting on the deep tissue, and adjusting the intensity and frequency of the electrical impulses.

But let’s delve a little deeper into the main applications of EMS in the applications of EMS in the field of aesthetics.

Eliminates cellulite in the most difficult areas

A revolutionary and innovative process of electromagnetism is the key that allows you to solve one of the most recurrent aesthetic problems nowadays: the dreaded cellulite. This is, as you probably know, a physiological modification in the distribution of body fat, whereby it is stored in certain tissues that have a recognizable appearance: the so-called orange peel.

“With 20 minutes twice a week the client will be able to see visible results in a few sessions.”

To treat it, therefore, it is necessary to attack the stored fat. Thanks to our sculpt technology, we can reduce that cellulite and stored fat by up to 20% through a localized action procedure on the affected areas, be it the glutes, hips and thighs. It is a painless, effective and totally reliable system, and with 20 minutes twice a week the client will be able to see visible results in a few sessions.

Just as athletes undergo electrostimulation, the electrostimulation to tone, strengthen or recover their body, we can also take advantage of electrostimulation to eliminate fat, stylize the skin and give it flexibility to look better.

Tones the glutes and abdomen

The beauty of our bodies has two areas that demand more and more aesthetic actions nowadays. It is about the glutes and abdomen. Getting a dynamic and more harmonious figure, flatten or mark the abdomen and tone the butt to give it a rounded and attractive shape are services increasingly in demand.

Although a healthy diet is essential, sometimes sporting exercise requires constant, long-term and often too demanding work. However, through EMS we can collaborate from our aesthetic center in this direction. The application of this technology tones the muscles and allows to increase the muscle mass.

As a reference, the abdominal muscles can end up increasing by 15 to 19 %. This is as much as to say that the softness and fat are disappearing, thus toning localized areas, and providing greater hardness to the muscles. If you want to offer services in your aesthetic center to muscle the abdominals or redraw the glutes the key is to incorporate a couple of electrostimulation sessions of at least 20 minutes. Simple, fast and effective!

Corrects the flaccidity of the arms

The passage of time, above all, and other circumstances of life can generate in our arms a flabby appearance that can limit us when it comes to wear certain outfits or put on a bathing suit.

In the very long term, the practice of sport helps to compensate for these effects to a certain extent. But it is in the aesthetic sector and thanks to EMS how we can best help to treat and solve this problem. From the first sessions applied, the results will begin to be visible and, little by little, the appearance of the arms will improve notably and acquire a much more youthful and beautiful appearance, much more youthful and beautiful appearance eliminating flaccidity.

Electrostimulation after childbirth

The hormonal imbalance and the great physical changes experienced during pregnancy and culminating in childbirth produce evident imbalances in the female figure that may or may not be recovered. Eating well and doing sport are usually the path chosen by most people. But electro-stimulation and pressotherapy have more than demonstrated their great efficacy in the recovery after these pre- and post-natal changes.

To reshape the figure may be necessary to lose weight, but not always. Often, and even more so in these cases, the aim is to firm the muscles, strengthen the muscle fibers and tone them to gradually create a more harmonious silhouette. Not only does it help you to recover the physiognomy you had before giving birth, you can even improve it.

Another common consequence of pregnancy and childbirth is pelvic floor weakness and loss of control. Also with EMS you can solve these imbalances.

It is a system with spectacular results, as it greatly accelerates the desired recovery. Logically, it is not a miracle treatment. It must be complemented by a balanced diet and an active approach to life. When this happens, the evolution is visible from the beginning and the satisfaction of those who choose this system is evident from the first sessions and increases after each one. It even helps you lose weight. It is possible to get back in shape soon after childbirth!

Ideal for physiotherapy and rehabilitation

Elite sportsmen and women use EMS to recover their muscles after heavy competitive efforts and also to speed up the recovery from injuries and aches and pains. From this field, as it is logical, this technology has jumped to the field of physiotherapy and general rehabilitation, so, in general terms, we talk about electrotherapy.

Therefore, it is successfully used to accelerate recovery from physical problems generated in everyday life. Applying this technology on the affected areas allows to obtain reliable results and, in this way, to alleviate pain, recover the functionality of the treated areas and improve the state of health from the aesthetic center itself.

Aesthetic Sector electrostimulation

Releases stress and improves sleep

We often get clients whose main problem in achieving their goals, whether it’s weight loss or toning, is performance. In many cases it is due to poor diet and lack of sleep. Electro-stimulation plays an important role in the latter. Here’s why.

Did you know that this system is also very effective against stress and helps you sleep better? Its application allows to generate endorphins, also known as happiness hormones. The body produces them to fight and alleviate pain.

Electrical muscle stimulation promotes their appearance and thus triggers a natural activity that is more than valuable in curbing stress.

It promotes calmness, greatly reduces the perception of pain, improves mood, lowers the adrenaline level and curbs anxiety. As an additional indirect consequence, you go to bed more relaxed and calm, so you end up falling asleep much earlier and sleeping in one go. Rest is so much more restful! Additionally, that improved rest helps you feel more relaxed and happy the next day, thus complicating the onset of stress.

Electrostimulation And The Aesthetic Sector

It is trending!

Electro-stimulation is very popular. But the fact that something is a trend is not, in itself, a guarantee of anything. Most importantly, in this case, it is a direct consequence of the effectiveness and satisfaction it is providing to customers of all kinds.

In other words, it is a fashion that is here to stay. Not something fleeting and ephemeral, but quite the opposite. Electrical muscle stimulation technologies work, deliver results and are therefore becoming more and more sought after and appreciated.

Satisfied customers

The success of any business, including the aesthetic sector, depends on customer satisfaction and loyalty. When this happens thanks to some kind of service that your competition doesn’t have, the possibilities for growth are exponential.

Well, this is what Onnafit electrostimulation offers to your aesthetic center customers. A new line of business and commercial exploitation that is profitable, satisfying and easy to implement. Its applications, you have already seen, are multiple and varied: cellulite removal, buttock toning, abdomen definition, flaccidity correction, anti-stress improvement, postpartum recovery, physiotherapeutic rehabilitation and much more. In all cases, satisfaction is practically immediate after the first few applications. Your customers become ambassadors of these beneficial services, so they end up generating new interested customers.

Aesthetic Sector: Return on investment in just 2 months

Incorporating Onnafit EMS technology only offers advantages to your aesthetic center. In addition to expanding your catalogue of services in an attractive and satisfactory way for the public, it quickly increases the productivity of your business.

Despite the advanced technology involved, the investment is affordable and, above all, pays for itself very quickly. As soon as you put it in place you will obtain a higher turnover without increasing costs. As you know, this is the key to commercial and economic success for any business. In general, in a couple of months you will have amortized your investment and you will start earning extra income.

As you can see, electro-stimulation allows us to offer a series of services which are highly demanded by clients, with results which they will love. It will allow you to differentiate yourself from the rest of aesthetic centers and increase your income. Interested? Leave us your details here and we will contact you.

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