How To Achieve Incredible Results In Body Aesthetics With Onnafit

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How To Achieve Incredible Results In Body Aesthetics With Onnafit

Body aesthetic treatments have always encompassed the main ambitions of all kinds of people, both men and women. As a result, it has become a discipline that is gaining more and more followers and generating multiple success stories within the sector. But how is this achieved? is it better to apply remedies to improve a lifestyle or to undergo treatments? In this article, we’ll try to answer this question.

What are body aesthetic treatments?

For starters, cosmetic treatments encompass a very broad range of services. However, if we talk about body beauty and apply the industry’s own vision, a clear meaning quickly emerges. Basically, it is the set of procedures that help improve physical appearance, eliminate flaws and shape your figure.

There are several ways, many of them based on natural techniques, while others rely on specialized devices and procedures. What is the best way? For us, it’s all about combining the two to optimize results. Undoubtedly, this can be an opportunity for your clients to achieve the change they have always wanted.

What are body aesthetics treatments good for?

The practice of this discipline is very versatile. From the psychological point of view, we can say that it is key to improve self-esteem and self-confidence. After all, we all have the right to take care of our body and have it look the way we want it. On the other hand, in the physical sense, it has many more uses.

Reduces fat

Fat always appears, that is inevitable. However, it is in our hands to prevent excess fat and the accumulation of fat that becomes visible over time. For this reason, there are various treatments to eliminate fat, as the body tends to do so only in a generic way. Reducing fat involves acting directly on the lymphatic tissue. A number of methods can be applied, either by inducing cold/heat, subjecting it to pressure or breaking it up. Whatever it is, the good news is that there is a system that allows us to achieve these results in less time.

Tones the buttocks

Toning the body is another of the goals of body aesthetic treatments, but glutes are one of the most demanded areas in any procedure. Why is that? Mainly, it is because they are one of the main places where fat accumulates, as well as where this phenomenon is most evident.

The biggest enemy of firm glutes is cellulite. This also appears on the thighs. For this reason, there are procedures such as electrical muscle stimulation that help stimulate blood circulation and eliminate cellulite. Consequently, there is a reduction of the adipose tissue.

Eliminates cellulite and varicose veins

With age, the passage of time becomes more visible on the skin, and more specifically, on the lower extremities. The weight of the body eventually takes its toll, especially if you are not used to exercising. For this reason, activating the muscles to counteract cellulite is essential, as well as preventing atrophy from worsening the problem.

Regarding varicose veins, these appear due to poor blood circulation. In these cases, it is essential to reactivate the oxygenation mechanism in the area so that these tend to disappear. As you can see, these are procedures that only seek to accelerate the body’s natural recovery process.

Strengthens the abdomen

When summer approaches, there is always an increase in consultations in beauty centers about how to get a flat belly. Today, there are numerous methods that target this part of the body. The main thing is to uncover them, that is, to remove the layer of fat that covers the  abs so that they can be visible.

This is often a goal shared by both men and women, contrary to popular belief. Normally, it is an area that is not usually affected by cellulite, but it can suffer from fat accumulation. Fortunately, this is one of the areas that receives the most attention in beauty centers.

What types of body aesthetics treatments are available?

Today, many cosmetic procedures are used for the body. Some act only in specific areas, while others can exert a coordinated force in different areas. But which are the most important ones? Let’s see which are the most in demand non-invasive body aesthetics treatments today.


Pressotherapy is the application of pneumatic pressure on specific areas of the body. For the most part, this is applied to the upper and lower extremities with the aim of counteracting flaccidity in the arms and legs. In other cases, it is possible to use a coordinated approach to extend its influence to other areas.

For this purpose, a suit incorporating air chambers inside the suit is used. These are filled with a compression machine to create an impact on the superficial layers of the skin. A chain reaction is then generated that reaches the adipose tissue to break down the fat cells. The body takes care of the rest, so the only thing left to do is to eliminate them naturally.

Body aesthetics electrostimulation

Electrostimulation is a technique that is gaining popularity in the world of body aesthetic treatments. Do you know how it differs from other procedures?

  • On the other hand, the electrical impulses penetrate into the deepest muscle fibers, which are impossible to reach with only conventional training and no electrostimulation at all. 

Thanks to this, it is possible to eliminate cellulite and accelerate the metabolism so that the body itself eliminates fat more quickly.


Cavitation is based on the generation of low-frequency ultrasound that impacts the skin. This produces an intense effect that manages to seriously affect adipose tissue. As a result, the fat cells break down and become part of the body’s waste products, which are eliminated naturally through urine.

There are several medical conditions that may require this option, such as cellulite. In terms of aesthetics, it’s perfect for enhancing skin elasticity and activating cell regeneration. It also helps to eliminate toxins in the deeper layers, as the waves penetrate in a highly effective way.


Cryolipolysis , also known as fat freezing, consists of the application of cold on the skin to produce two effects. First, the fat cells are frozen, which forces them to die and subsequently be eliminated by the body. Secondly, the blood vessels dilate at the end of the session and oxygen supply increases.

When we subject our body to this method, the skin cools down considerably. To give you an idea, the tip is around -32 ºC, but the device can emit air down to -300 ºC. It is a safe method that takes no more than one hour and is performed under constant supervision by a specialist.

dansei onnafit

Power up your beauty center with Onnafit

In themselves, all of the above treatments are very effective. But they also have something in common: they are available in most beauty centers. Therefore, the best option is to combine them with a feature that sets you apart from the rest. Do you know the incredible potential of electrostimulation in beauty treatments? When we say “potential”, we’re talking about what it means for you and for your customers.

EMS may be what customers are looking for. This discipline is one of the few that provides visible results in a short time, especially if complemented with other treatments. For this reason, this system is being incorporated in more and more beauty centers. It will bring about a revolution in the industry, if it is not already doing so.

If you are interested, form. We will send you all the information you need.

Benefits of including Onnafit in cosmetic treatments

Currently, we have developed electrostimulation pants that combine the best cutting-edge technology with maximum comfort. The WB-EMS (Whole Body Electrostimulation) Dansei pants are ideal for beauty centers and are shared use, that is, they are shared use.

Thanks to Onnafit you can enhance the results and is compatible it with another aesthetic treatment. However, it also offers spectacular results on its own through muscle activation. It has other additional benefits apart from the aesthetic ones, such as contributing to preventing muscle atrophy and repairing injuries in a short time.

All this has turned Onnafit into the best example of electrostimulation for weight loss. What is the key to its great success? Its success relies on electrodes that are strategically placed in different points of the skin, which are inserted into the suit by means of wiring (interior wires) in addition to the combination of other aesthetic technologies, as we have previously mentioned.


In short, EMS in body beauty treatments is the key that will turn your beauty center into a leader in the market. If you want to know more about our products for beauty centers, don’t hesitate to visit our website

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How To Achieve Incredible Results In Body Aesthetics With Onnafit

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