What Is The Best Aesthetic Body Treatment Equipment?

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What Is The Best Aesthetic Body Treatment Equipment

The cosmetic beauty sector is experiencing a golden age, that’s no secret. However, this has also given rise to a multitude of centers, which means more competition. So, how can you make a difference? In this article, we reveal the key to having a quality beauty center: not only having the best body treatment equipment, but also the most complete and effective kind.

Types of body treatment equipment

Body treatment equipment are characterized by being cutting-edge, precise… and unknown. This is because the focus has always been on the effect of the treatment itself, but not on how it is produced. So, we are going to clarify which are the best devices for today’s most in demand procedures.

Ultrasound cavitation devices

The ultrasound cavitation device is one of the most used machines in body treatments, especially due to its great potential in the burning of localized fat. It emits ultrasound waves at a very high power and in a focused manner towards the skin to impact directly on its surface. This produces a chain effect within the skin tissues.

Often, its size allows us to treat areas of about 10 x 10 cm. This way, it is possible to enhance results by working directly on areas where fat has accumulated. The areas that usually show the best results are the abdomen, thighs, buttocks and lower back.

On the other hand, this device needs to act on a previously applied gel to better glide and distribute its power. Similarly, radiofrequency is usually used as a complement, as this procedure has been identified as key to optimizing results and eliminating released fat.

Radiofrequency devices

This type of device emits radiofrequency waves on the skin, which pass right through it. As they are charged with energy, this is released in the form of heat when they reach the deeper layers, which usually do not receive external influences. Therefore, these devices make it possible to reach places that cannot be reached by other methods.

The emission of electromagnetic waves also helps to activate the most conductivity-resistant layers. As a result, a thermal lifting process is initiated, which reaches the muscles and tones the area. All this results in a greater supply of oxygen and blood, which also translates into eliminating fat.

Today, these devices are based on older concepts that already used radio frequency centuries ago. However, they have now been optimized to incorporate new currents (monopolar, bipolar, tripolar and multipolar). We should also mention the accessories that allow us to adapt the treatment to every part of the body.

Electrostimulation equipment

Electrical muscle stimulation or EMS generates controlled electrical impulses by means of electrodes in the muscle groups that we want to work, such as buttocks, abs or thighs, for example. These electrical impulses penetrate the muscle and activate deeper muscle fibers that would be impossible to reach with conventional exercise.

One of the most effective and widely used electrostimulation systems is the Onnafit Dansei electrostimulation pants.

These EMS pants are manufactured with the latest in fabric technology, with a fully ergonomic and flexible material that ensures optimal adaptation to the body. It is effective because it adapts to all types of body shapes and goals, whether it is weight loss, muscle toning, or toning and strengthening of the buttocks; but it also improves the elasticity and flexibility of the skin, strengthens the pelvic floor and is perfect to reduce or even eliminate the dreaded cellulite or “orange peel skin”, among many other benefits.

Pressotherapy devices

This machine works through pneumatic pressure on the skin. It is comprised of sleeves with air chambers that are filled by means of a compressor. This enhances blood circulation and acts directly on the areas most affected by fat accumulation.

Frequently, work is done on the upper and lower extremities with the aim of preventing flaccidity. This way, we can activate them jointly and in a coordinated manner or only individually. To do this, the garments are connected to a specific software that is controlled by the built-in system.

One of the advantages for your beauty center is that it does not need your intervention. As with EMS, it is not technically dependent; you only need to program the intensity and type of action, as well as supervise that everything goes well occasionally, without the need for further manipulation on the professional’s part.

These technologies are autonomous and take care of everything, giving you total freedom to treat another patient or to apply other treatments to the same client.

Cryotherapy devices

Cryotherapy is a procedure based on the application of cold on the skin. This produces a contraction effect on the blood vessels, which is followed by a dilation effect when it is completed. This way, the various layers of the skin are oxygenated and toning is enhanced in the treated area.

To carry out this procedure, the machine incorporates a frozen tip that is maintained at around -32 ºC. It slides over the body to considerably lower the temperature of certain areas of the skin. The cold is transmitted by means of an air flow that can drop to -300 ºC.

It also includes different types of tips to adapt the treatment to the area of the body. It is also possible to work on the face, for which a kind of mask is available. It adapts perfectly to the face and transmits cold air directly from the machine. For added safety, the device is equipped with an anti-freeze system.

Onnafit is the best body treatment equipment

Know more about the latest in cosmetic treatment technology

For a few years now, EMS has grown by leaps and bounds. Today, it is seen as one of the most promising solutions in aesthetic treatments. At Wiemspro, we are well aware of the incredible potential that this discipline offers and, for this reason, we have created Onnafit.

“With Onnafit your clients can lose weight and tone up in the same session”.

Perfect for aesthetic center, Onnafit is perfectly compatible with technologies such as cryolipolysis, radiofrequency, ultrasound or low level laser.

With Onnafit your clients can lose weight and tone up in the same session, it also visibly improves the skin, shapes and tones the figure, eliminates fat and improves the state of health in general, in addition to many other advantages.

Benefits of electrostimulation in your beauty center

As we mentioned earlier, the beauty sector is becoming increasingly more competitive. This has given rise to an ever-growing trend, especially in recent years. Therefore, it is essential to look for a system that allows you to stand out from other centers and consolidate your position as a leader in the market.

Onnafit EMS may be the thing you need in your treatment catalog. If you think about it, what do your customers demand? Above all, they need to see visible results to maintain their confidence in you. But, on top of that, they want to see them in a short time so they don’t think they are wasting their money.

With the technique we propose, you will be able to create a very positive impact in your center. All it takes is putting technology at the service of aesthetics through cutting-edge systems that make the results visible quickly. Unlike other procedures, this one is painless and comfortable.

Electrostimulation is suitable for almost every profile, requires no preparation or recovery time and is completely safe. All this has a decisive influence when it comes to attracting clients, as it demolishes one by one all the prejudices that other beauty treatments may have.

What Is The Best Aesthetic Body Treatment Equipment

Improve the health of your clients with Onnafit

If you want to provide quality and excellence to those who trust you, this is the key. Electrostimulation for slimming has managed to capture all the attention of the sector, since it allows you to reduce fat and eliminate the dreaded cellulite and in any part of the body, such as the buttocks or thighs.

On the other hand, it helps repair injuries by working intensively on muscle microfibers. The same applies to muscle atrophy, since it allows you to reactivate the muscle by forcing it to move and contract. This results in regeneration even in the deepest layers, both in the aesthetic and functional sense.

In short, your best option to make your beauty center stand out is aesthetic body treatment equipment. If you want to consolidate your position as a leading, customer-focused business, these advances will allow you to make the leap.

At Onnafit, we are at your disposal to advise you on how to implement EMS in your center. Subscribe to our blog!

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