5 Flawless Pressotherapy Methods That Work

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pressotherapy to combine with Onnafit

Let’s talk about pressotherapy; and even better, learn about the benefits of this treatment combined with the power of electrostimulation. Keep in mind that this procedure promotes lymphatic drainage through the compression or decompression of air chambers that are placed around the area to be treated; and EMS, specifically, is responsible for generating impulses in the muscles being stimulated. The perfect combination.

These impulses, which emulate the central nervous system, reproduce its potential for action and generate muscular contraction with flawless results. Read on and we’ll show you how. 

What is pressotherapy and what is it for?

It is a medical technique that emerged in the 60s to treat different vascular problems. It is prescribed to produce lymphatic drainage and improve the return venous blood flow in patients with medical and aesthetic problems caused by imbalances in the circulatory system.

Especially edema, cellulite, tired legs and fat accumulation. A simple, effective, healthy and affordable technique, and best of all is that it is painless. In addition, it provides immediate results and a great feeling of relief and rest.

Lymphatic drainage is carried out by applying air to the body. This requires putting on a special suit that has chambers for distributing air pressure to the affected areas of the body. The suit has various parts depending on the body parts to be treated: abdomen (sash), legs and feet (boots), glutes, arms, etc. The lymphatic drainage produced by this treatment is perfect for reducing excess fat, combating cellulite, reducing fluid retention and minimizing swelling in the treated areas.

pressotherapy methods

Pressotherapy with bandages

The oldest pressotherapy method is simply to exert pressure with the hands in an attempt to promote circulation or improve muscle tone. If we add movements in specific directions and certain points to this we obtain a basic drainage of the area. Without machines, there are several ways to apply pressotherapy bandages, depending on the bandage used:

  • High compression elastic bandages. Thanks to the elasticity of the bandages, they can be used for long periods of time and on body parts that have a lot of movement (elbow, wrists or knees).
  • High compression non-elastic bandages. Here the extension allowed by the bandage is almost non-existent. Movement is minimal and must be tailored to the person. These bandages are usually used to treat various localized muscle problems, especially in people with moderate imbalances in arterial circulation. These bandages are not suitable for those who are resting for long periods of time.
  • Pressotherapy with multilayer bandage. Each layer of the bandage has a different purpose. These may or may not contain elastic bandages, depending on the desired effect of the application.

 Compression stockings

These are usually similar to bandages, but in this case we are talking about compressive garments that are characterized by having the same shape of the body part to be treated. They perfectly fit: arms (for lymphedema), elbows (treatment of bursitis), calves, or even sleeves for compress the entire core.

They are the most effective for knee injury recovery. In fact, they are fashionable: in the NBA, in soccer, and many other professional athletes use them to keep their limbs warm. In addition, their application improves circulation, prevents joint pain and reduces the time it takes people with muscular and joint diseases to recover.

Electrostimulation for pressotherapy

The EMS system consists of muscle stimulation through electrical impulses of medium frequency or low intensity. When we put on the electrostimulation suit, the electrodes are strategically placed around the body and produce a natural muscles contractions.

“Electrostimulation used in pressotherapy aims to promote blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, as well as to quickly, effectively and visibly increase muscle mass and tone”.

This impulse is vital in the deepest muscle areas, as they are the most difficult to activate. Especially for those who perform conventional training. In this way, electrostimulation used in pressotherapy aims to promote blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, as well as to quickly, effectively and visibly increase muscle mass and tone; regardless of whether it is for sporting, therapeutic or various aesthetic reasons. Like this, liquids, toxins and fat accumulated in the body are eliminated: this is what’s key.

There is no doubt about the advantages of EMS, whether in a beauty salon or a fitness studio. However, what differentiates Onnafit from other brands that use electrostimulation? In our case, we have developed an innovative product. Ergonomic, wireless, simple, useful, and adaptable for people of all ages and levels. And the maximum added value: its performance is scientifically tested. We are world leaders in methods and applications that work.

pressotherapy to combine with Onnafit

Eliminate cellulite

Cellulite is a common and potentially serious metabolic condition. It is characterized by irregular lumps and dimples in the skin, usually on the sides of the thighs and butt. EMS treatment is incredible: improving blood circulation through the massage applied with the electrostimulation suit. It causes the muscle tissues to oxygenate and regenerate up to five times more than any other method. In addition, it reduces fat, firms the treated area, increases muscle mass in the glutes and reduces sagginess.

Strengthen glutes

The challenge we discussed at the beginning was clear: to talk about methods that work. This is another 100% perfect example: the electrostimulator on the glutes. It involves combining two types of contraction: electrostimulated and voluntary. These activate the fibers and muscles in a way that would be impossible to do with voluntary contractions alone. Training and wellness are one in this technique.

Eliminate sagginess

Do you have to spend the whole day lifting weights to get firm arms? The answer is straightforward: no. Exercise is undoubtedly essential, but it does not prevent the appearance of flabby arms. EMS training stimulates circulation and collagen production. The effect is immediate: the skin is tightened and revitalized.

Combat varicose veins

In this case, the best treatment is prevention, and for this there is nothing better than a series of sessions where tissues are electrostimulated to activate blood flow. The electric shocks provide gentle stimulation that does not damage the joints, promoting circulation back to the heart and relieving the pain of varicose veins.

Toning and definition

Toning with electrodes is passive exercise that performs the same job, and gives the same commands, that the brain gives to the muscles naturally. These emit direct impulses to the muscular system which are converted into contractions. This defines and supports tissue and eliminates retained fluids. In long sessions, EMS reaches deep fibers and its effect is therapeutic in nature. It is especially recommended for relieving cramps and muscle pains.

Pregnancy and pelvic floor

After childbirth, the pelvic floor is one of the most affected areas of the body. Being able to recover physically is essential to resume a normal life. Training for revitalizing the pelvic area consists of electrostimulating the natural movements of the muscle. These normally work thanks to the electrical microcurrents of the nervous system making them contract.

Well, EMS does the same but externally. Yes, it is possible! How? Simple: by means of electrodes placed into contact with the skin. The electrical impulses they generate produce these contractions and thus achieve an effect similar to that produced by the pelvic musculature. You don’t have to move to exercise the muscle! In this case, electrostimulation of this specific area is comfortable, very simple and is performed in just a few sessions. Even muscle toning can be regulated in intensity so that you can immediately get rid of that feeling of discomfort, urine leakage or any other consequences of giving birth. The results speak for themselves.

Pneumatic pressure therapy

A very common technique, standard in pressotherapy treatment. It consists of introducing the specific body part or the affected area into an inflatable chamber. Inside, while the pneumatic structure is controlled to fit the body, the air pressure increases in tandem. An example: improving circulation or muscle tone from the ankle to the thigh.

Elastic compression boots

These garments are specific devices used in lymphedema treatments of the lower limbs. There are two types of compressive boots:

  •  Sequential. They have between 2 and 24 chambers that exert different pressures and, in addition, each one of them is adjustable.
  • Non-sequential. In this case, the boots have a single chamber, responsible for compressing evenly.


Do you have any doubts left about the beneficial effects of pressotherapy?

Electrostimulation is tremendously effective when using this medical treatment. We have shown you five methods, but there are many more. If you want to know more techniques based on physical activity and aesthetics, be sure to visit our blog for all this and more.

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