What A Beauty Salon Needs To Be Successful

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 In our current times, beauty Salons are booming and growing at an increasingly accelerated pace, and this is due to the strong demand: we care about maintaining a good physical condition, attractive appearance and a healthy lifestyle, even more so, with the constant exposure we have on social media. Although we should not obsess, we’re always looking for the best offer.

This is why aesthetic beauty salons have expanded in an incredible way, which has also made the competition extremely tough. This is why it’s important to look for that one thing that makes us stand out among all other centers in order to remain in the sector and offer an efficient and exclusive service to our customers. In short, to give them the perfect excuse to choose us and not another center.

In this sense, what does an aesthetic beauty salon need to be successful? We’ll tell you!

Choose your premises and location wisely

Traditionally, an urban center has always been the best option for opening any type of business. But do you really think it is advisable now? If you think about it, all your competition is there, even on the same street.

Our advice is to choose a space that is halfway between the center and the suburbs. This way, your location will be linked to an urban core but will be far away from other beauty businesses. It is also essential to choose a location that has easy access to parking, as this is one of the things that customers tend to look for the most. 

On the other hand, it is important that you are very clear about the services you provide and who your target audience is, to establish the best geographic location based on your prices and services.

The importance of decor

All decor should revolve around one concept: corporate identity. It is essential that the furniture and the color of the walls be consistent with the company’s logo and tones. This is called harmonizing and is related to a better perception of the business in the eyes of the customer.

So what color should you choose for a beauty center? In line with industry trends, we advise you to go for white. This is perfect for any clinic or similar space, as it brings freshness and elegance. As a secondary shade, you can take advantage of the potential of blue or violet; or black and gold.

Any first impression is made through the eyes, but also through smells or what is also known as olfactory marketing. Choosing a good air freshener or using cleaning products that have a pleasant smell will not only provide a feeling of comfort and additional well-being, but will also add a personal and distinctive touch to your establishment.

Cosmetic services

Let’s not fool ourselves. Everything we are saying is relevant, but the cosmetic services you offer will be what defines your beauty salon. It is extremely important to offer customers what they are looking for. However, always go above and beyond to provide a quality service, with specialized equipment and state-of-the-art machines.

Popular beauty treatments

If you want to offer an attractive range of treatments, we recommend you include the ones that people are currently asking for the most. Keeping your catalog always up to date will prevent customers from leaving and help build customer loyalty. Do you know what is popular right now in the beauty sector? There are several procedures that make leading centers stand out over others:

  • Soprano Ice Laser. It is usually considered one of the least painful methods of laser hair removal.
  • Hydrafacial. A combination of peeling, hydration, fusion and protection in a single procedure.
  • Thermage FLX radiofrequency therapy. A new generation that is 12 times more powerful.
  • Photobiological therapy. The application of LED light and facial oxygenation to nourish and hydrate the deep layers.
  • Microneedling. It consists of stimulating the dermis and complementing this with the injection of hyaluronic acid and peptides.
  • Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). Electrodes strategically placed in muscle groups. These electrodes transmit electric impulses that activate the muscle and penetrate the deepest muscle fibers causing an involuntary muscle contraction, perfect for toning and defining.
  • LFU (Low Frequency Ultrasound). It activates the subcutaneous fatty tissue in the central area of the body, causing the fatty acids stored in it to be released into the bloodstream.

Whatever the treatment, it must meet three primary objectives. First of all, it must be well explained and promoted so that everyone has access to it. Then, it has to guarantee visible results in just a few weeks (a few months, at most). Finally, it must be compatible with other cosmetic services to enhance results.

How to make your customers happy in your beauty salon

How to make your customers happy in your beauty salon

Many companies make getting customers their first major objective, regardless of their quality. However, you have already done that if you have followed the above steps. So, the focus should be on how to build loyalty among visitors to make them followers of the treatments and products.

Rewarding loyalty

If you want them to stay, show them what would happen if they did. Advertising is the best ally in this sense, especially when it comes to generating leads that might be thinking about staying over time. You can apply promotional discounts or offer unique packs to give them the benefits they are definitely looking for.

Exclusive treatment

If your regular customers feel that you treat them like everyone else, they will not feel loyal to your beauty salon and may end up going to the competition. So, what you should do is to provide them with a different treatment, with greater privileges and bonuses. There are probably no two customers you treat the same, right?

Helping them achieve their goals in a visible way

Keep in mind that those who visit the center do so because they trust you. Most of the target audience has no notions about how the procedures work, but they are hopeful that you will help them. Some of the benefits of EMS, for example, is that it gives your clients visible results in a few weeks.

Electrostimulation to enhance results

Until some time ago, passive exercises were not that well known. Today, however, they have entered a surprising phase of expansion and are being implemented in gyms and beauty centers. Do you know what the benefits of EMS are? Let’s find out its unique advantages if you include it in your treatment portfolio.

Toning and definition of muscle tone

By means of electrostimulation, it is possible to achieve better muscle tone more quickly. The secret? You might be surprised to know that it is possible to activate more muscles than with conventional exercise, as even the small and deep layers are reached. This way, the toning process is accelerated.

Likewise, by boosting muscle strength, you are also eliminating the fat that covers them. As a result, you’re able to uncover them and achieve one of the most sought-after objectives in the beauty sector, which is to eliminate fat. This used to be called a myth, but EMS has come along to prove that it is possible.

Ideal for slimming

An active lifestyle, good sleep and dieting are the three pillars that make it possible to lose weight, even in a short time. But what happens if you complement them with electrostimulation? The result is an accelerated and much more comfortable process, especially when applied to areas such as the abdomen.

Best of all, the results are evident in a short time. Remember that it is essential for your customers to notice their progress so they stay motivated. If you give them effective means to meet their physical goals, they will stay and continue to trust you for a long time.

Eliminates cellulite

Applying EMS to areas with cellulite is perfect for reducing and even eliminating cellulite. On the one hand, it tones the muscles and prevents atrophy, which is seen as saggy skin. On the other hand, it improves lymphatic circulation and stimulates blood circulation to prevent fat accumulation in sensitive areas.

This discipline acts directly on the adipose tissue to reduce it. This is where its great effectiveness lies, since it allows you to work on the area in a localized manner. On the other hand, remember that sports and exercise in general only help the body to eliminate it in general, never in a specific place.

Nowadays, beauty centers need to offer more than just treatments and good equipment.

Strengthens buttocks

Before the summer season, one of the most sought-after treatments in beauty centers are treatments to tone glutes. Fortunately, electrostimulation suits allow you to obtain results in a short time. They exert a combined action by toning the muscles in the area and redistributing fat to prevent it from accumulating.

At the same time, it is perfect to counteract flaccidity, improving oxygenation and blood circulation. It even manages to accelerate results, since it is an area where fat is quite localized and can therefore be directly stimulated. Undoubtedly, a great option for when women start thinking about their bikini bods.

Invest in aesthetic technology with Onnafit

At Wiemspro we have developed the Onnafit Body Sculpting WB-EMS Technology, compatible with other aesthetic technologies such as Ultrasound, Radio Frequency, Cryolipolysis and Low Level Laser.

At Wiemspro, we have developed the Onnafit technology, which combines electrostimulation and LFU (Low Frequency Ultrasound).

EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) is a metabolism accelerator, which promotes oxidation or “burning” of these fatty acids. This effect may be accentuated for 48-72 hours. Additionally, contracting the muscles not only burns more calories, but also enhances muscle tone, helping to define legs, abdomen and buttocks.

An added effect of EMS technologies is the improvement of collagen production and quality, ideal for skin care and other tissues.


Nowadays, beauty salon need to offer more than just treatments and good equipment. The key to standing out from the crowd is the use of aesthetic devices, which will position you as a leading expert that really offers solutions.

“Aesthetic medicine centers that use electrostimulation increase their chances of gaining and retaining customers”.

You probably already know: your customer is one of the most demanding. These are people who want to see results, but demand that they be good results and, moreover, in the short term. Otherwise, they will look for another center and faster results (and you know how much competition you currently have).

Aesthetic medicine centers that use electrostimulation increase their chances of gaining and retaining customers. The reason? The incredible visible and effective results of body sculpting without surgery, and also recent studies: your customers will see their waistline reduced in just two weeks.

As specialists in this field, we have the high-tech Dansei EMS trousers. They are unique because they have strategically placed electrodes to activate key areas of the body: abdomen, obliques, lower back, double electrodes on glutes, abductors, quadriceps and hamstrings (biceps and triceps optional). All this, together with the flexible properties of the fabric, helps to accelerate the results by generating a simultaneous effect in different areas.

These are all the keys that will allow you to succeed with your beauty salon. If you want to incorporate Onnafit to your beauty center, or simply wish to continue learning more about the potential of this aesthetic technology for body reshaping, we invite you to visit our website and to subscribe to our blog.

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